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Forbidden Love (cruddy art) by DarlingWrites Forbidden Love (cruddy art) :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 6 1 The Reaper and Persephone by DarlingWrites The Reaper and Persephone :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 6 5 Cruddy Kaito by DarlingWrites Cruddy Kaito :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 7 3 Part 2 Inspired Doodles by DarlingWrites Part 2 Inspired Doodles :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 7 10
Mr. Mortality and the Heart Collector (Part 2)
(Read Part 1 here:
    They say that two years ago, the Devil did pay a visit to New York. And he came in the form of a butcher.
    It all started with the disappearances—women reported missing by their friends or families. That is if their absence was even noticed.
    The women, you see, were prostitutes and degenerates. That lot went missing all the time, and no one cared where they went; not even the police in the beginning.
    But then the first body was found, and the true shadow of fear was cast over the people of New York.
    In total, eight women were found over a period of six months, each having their chests carved open and hearts removed with the skill of a physician and the brutality of an animal. Some were found in alleys, some in the Hudson, some in dumpsters like so much discarded meat. The blood of lost sinners stained the streets of the great metropolis crimson, and America wa
:icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 6 7
Muffin With An Ax by DarlingWrites Muffin With An Ax :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 8 9 Gabe Doodle (and update) by DarlingWrites Gabe Doodle (and update) :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 11 8 Hester and a Balloon by DarlingWrites Hester and a Balloon :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 9 11 Persephone Practice by DarlingWrites Persephone Practice :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 10 18 Stupid Comic by DarlingWrites
Mature content
Stupid Comic :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 6 9
Shopping Trip
(plz read description first)
    “Well,” Michael said as he walked Persephone along the makeshift thoroughfare, dodging a cart selling rat corpses and trying to ignore an aggressive palm reader, “we got ye candy. Now we ought to be findin’ Mr. Mortality before the market closes. And we really ought to stop buyin’ things…”
    Barely had the words left his mouth, when Persephone gasped aloud.
    “Michael, look at that knife!!” she squealed, giving his arm a tug and jabbing a finger at a nearby stall.
    “Percy, I don’t think we should be lookin’…”
    But she dragged him toward it anyway.
    “Look, look at it!” she cried, eyes sparkling.
    The knife was old looking and beautiful: elegant, yet sturdy, with a handle decorated with veins of swirling silver and mother of pearl. But the blade itself loo
:icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 7 19
Smol Kiss by DarlingWrites Smol Kiss :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 22 17
Mr. Mortality and the Poem
“Are ye Death?” he asked the Tall Man
“Well, yes and no” he said
Is he an angel? A devil? A man?
A scarecrow in black and red?
The deal is made, a contract signed
The quest for Hearts begins
The Irish Boy and his Angel-ish “Friend”
Each seeking his own ends
One longs for Courage, the other for Hope
Both more alike than they know
Their story will start when this story ends
Born of a Ghost Knife’s glow
:icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 7 5
Strawberry Angel by DarlingWrites Strawberry Angel :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 14 17 Qatsariel by DarlingWrites Qatsariel :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 21 27 Funeral for a Grim Reaper by DarlingWrites Funeral for a Grim Reaper :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 14 17



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Danuta Stachowiak
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
ID art by my awesome brother:… :heart:

Hi! I'm Donna Darling. I'm a homeschool graduate, aspiring author, and recreational artist!

I write mostly paranormal and fantasy fiction with occasional trips into mystery or sci-fi. I love history, folklore, and creepy/mysterious/fantastical stuff; perhaps a bit too much for my own good~

My current project (in development) is "Mortality"; the episodic adventures of a young man who finds himself employed as the Grim Reaper's assistant. It'll be a dark, yet also light-hearted gaslamp fantasy with quite a bit of friendship and sweetness!

You can read a test version of the first chapter here:

I believe stories have the power to change the world! But my hope is that one of my stories can change a life. Whether I succeed or not is in God's hands.

Find me on

Feel free to peruse my gallery of mostly-story-related art, and wonder with me when/if I am ever going to improve as a visual artist!

Or you can sit through a barrage of stamps:

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I fav to much by HavickArt ...but I only fave what I truly like. :heart:
So, I have this time management problem (that I really need to figure out one of these days) where when I'm on a project of some kind, I feel really guilty when I'm doing anything not related to it, and when I'm focusing on my project to the point that I need to neglect my friends I feel guilty about that, and I'm not doing chores so I'm feeling guilty about that, but if I'm doing the chores I feel guilty about neglecting the other things, and when I'm doing any of the other things I feel guilty about...

You get the idea. So if you're me you get caught up in this swirling vortex of paralyzing guilt and never get anything good done!

So here's the plan. DeviantArt is one of the things I feel guilty about neglecting. So I'm just putting it out there right now: I am going to be neglecting DeviantArt. I'm going to plow through writing Mr. Mortality & the Heart Collector (posting each part as I finish it, don't worry). And then I shall return the conquering hero, clearing out DA notifications and commenting on art (and cleaning my room and researching my novel and building the Mortality website) guilt-free LIKE A BOSS.

Until then, wait for me. Pray for me. Believe in me. Pwetty pwease~

*takes deep breath*
*goes charging off into writing swinging an ax for some reason(??)*

  • Drinking: The blood and tears of my characters.


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Thank you so much for the fav! :love:
DarlingWrites Featured By Owner May 23, 2018  Professional Writer
You're so welcome! I'm loving your comic! Keep it up!! :heart:
InspectorCrayon Featured By Owner Edited May 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist

omg thank you so much for the faves,
and tbh, you have awesome art too :3

i'm really looking forward for more of your 
drawings. :)
and OMG you love detective AND horror stories too 

keep up the amazing work gurl! ;D
DarlingWrites Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  Professional Writer
Hello~ ^-^

You're so welcome! I really love your art style! :la: And oh goshness, thanks! >///<

Thanks so much for the watch and all of the faves! ;v;
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DarlingWrites Featured By Owner May 10, 2018  Professional Writer
You're welcome! You deserve them! :heart:
SAUMIGUEL Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist

 On this day of Holy Reverence, I wish you and your loved ones a Joyful and Blessed Easter.

May Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord, guide you and lead you on the path of Eternal life.

Have a Blessed day !!!God-bless-you-s God-bless-you-S-2 God-bless-you-s

DarlingWrites Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2018  Professional Writer
I apologize for taking so long to thank you, but I do. Thank you for your kind Easter wishes! I hope you had a joyful Easter as well! May the Lord bless you and keep you every day of the year~:heart:
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